As with every new craze, habit or past time there is often a lot of confusion regarding what’s acceptable when in the company of others, and vaping is no different.

With vaping devices now becoming as popular as cigarettes, there still remains no clear guidelines around whats acceptable when vaping in public. Many pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants allow the use of vaping devices indoors while others have chosen to enforce bans. Until an individual tries to start vaping in an establishment they will not know if vaping is classed as acceptable until ten minutes later when a member of staff walks past and either says nothing, or ask them to refrain from vaping or continue outside.

So unlike traditional smoking where clear rules and regulations are enforced, how do you go about vaping in public? Is vaping acceptable on public transport? Or when in a friends home? Despite being around for almost a decade and growing in popularity, there still remains no laws regarding vaping. As such here at Ace Vapes we have decided to put together a short guideline on what we think is acceptable when vaping.

Politeness. As there is numerous contradictory information regarding whats contained within e-liquids, many people believe that second hand vaping can potentially be harmful, as such when in close confines with others it’s probably best to ask them if they mind you vaping.

Bars, clubs and pubs. Its important to remember that if you start vaping indoors, unlike smoking you won’t be kicked out straight away nor fined. It is at the establishments discretion to allow vaping. With this in mind, we suggest asking a member of staff if vaping is allowed or keeping your eyes pealed for any notices of signs. Perhaps one of the best options is to take a quick look around to see if anyone else is already vaping.

On public transport. Although there are no signs or notices, we suggest you refrain from smoking on public transport such as buses or trains. One of the few industries to apply a clear ban on vaping is understandably airlines. As with smoking, passenger are clearly prohibited from vaping on planes, with announcements made prior to take off clearly stipulating the ban.

Another aspect vapers may want to consider is how much vapour cloud their device produces. If you have purchased a vaping device that produces excessive amounts of vapour then you may choose to only vape outside when in public.

Vaping in restaurants. We would recommend refraining from vaping around people who are eating. People may take offence if they are trying to enjoy their Sunday roast while inhaling your strawberry cheesecake vape clouds. You may also find that many restaurants have chosen to ban vaping indoors. If in doubt we suggest you pop outside to use your device.

At work or in an office. Depending on the environment you work in, or the company you work for (many corporate companies have banned vaping) your workplace may allow vaping indoors. As this is your place of work, we strongly recommend you ask your manager or HR department in order to avoid any confusion.

While many places have chosen to ban vaping, there are thousands of bars, pubs, restaurants and other establishments that have welcomed vaping and actively encourage it. It its important to remember that unlike smoking, vaping is a healthy alternative to a habit that has been outright banned. With so many exotic and great smelling liquids available you may be surprised to find people standing closer to you in order get a smell your great flavoured cloud!

As with most things, we think it’s best to ask first to avoid any confusion. This is by no means a list of rules, only a guideline to help confused vapers. If you have any suggestions on vaping etiquette or have any questions regarding vaping, please feel free to get in touch.