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Beard Vape Co E-Liquids UK

Established in March 2014 the Beard Vape co is a relative new comer to the e-liquids market. A distinctive brand with an instantly recognisable logo. Set up in Venice California, Beard Vape e-liquids have gone on to become one of the most well known e-liquid brands in the world. Their extensive range of great tasting flavours have resulted in a dedicated and loyal customer base that continues to grow.

Set up by two brothers, Brady and Casey Bates, the Beard Vape co starting making their own e-liquids while working at Nana’s Vape shop in California. Soon realising their products were as good as if not better than any other e-liquids on the market, they went on to develop over 100 different great tasting flavours!

Each of the Beard Vape e-liquids has its own number. Rather like perfumes and more premium products, people began to recognise the flavours by their numbers! Fast forward to today and numbers such as No. 05, No. 32 and No. 42 have become some of the best selling e-liquids across the world.

Beard Vape Co.

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Beard Vape E-Liquids

So what’s different about Beard Vape E-liquids? Well… Only by tasting the great flavours will you truly appreciate these unique e-liquids! But as the different flavours in the range below suggests, Beard Vape Co have put a lot of time and effort into creating refined and sophisticated blends of e-liquids that provide vapers with a premium vaping experience. Flavours such as No. 00 (Tobacco and Cappuccino) reflect the thought process behind these e-liquids. For those traditional smokers who may like nothing more than a coffee and a cigarette first thing in the morning, No. 00 is the perfect e-liquid for them! Looking across the whole range, all of the flavours contain high quality ingredients that have been blended together to create top notch e-liquids.