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Cream puff Factory Eliquids

Cream Puff Factory Eliquids are the product of a collaboration between Ruthless vapours and Penguin, together they have produced a small range of cream puff inspired juices. The 4 flavours in the Cream Puff range all feature a delicious creamy filled choux pastry flavour base with the choice of either Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, or Banana filling.

If like me you're thinking "what on earth is a cream puff anyway?" its basically a profiterole or even more simplistically choux pastry filled with cream.

Cream Puff Factory

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CreamPuff Factory E-Liquid Flavours

CreamPuff Factory Banana and Cream 

Like all four of the favours new from Cream Puff Factory this e-liquid features a profiterole base flavour with a banana and fluffy whipped cream filling. With a smooth yet sweet and fruity taste this new addiction to the Cream Puff Factory family is perfect for the seasoned vaper with a sweet tooth. One of four of the brand new dessert menu from Cream Puff Factory, bringing you smooth flavoursome dessert vapes with plenty of depth.


CreamPuff Factory Blueberry and Cream

Another pastry inspired flavour from the Cream Puff Factory is the Blueberry, featuring the trademark profiterole base with a juicy blueberry and fluffy whipped cream filling. The smooth combination of zesty blueberry along with a not too sweet creamy pastry, make this e-liquid a favorite on the new dessert menu brought to you by Cream Puff Factory. Another flavour popular amongst the sweet toothed vapers, who enjoy the sweet yet smooth tastes from Cream Puff Factory E-Liquids.


CreamPuff Factory Vanilla and Cream 

Not your typical Vanilla! With their signature profiterole Choux pastry base, Cream Puff Factory have combine a perfect mix of savoury vanilla with creamy filling. This deliciously sweet treat compliments the morning coffee and allows you to indulge in a smooth vape fully loaded with rich vanilla into a soft cream puff pastry. Another mouth watering dessert e-liquid brought to you by Cream Puff Factory.


CreamPuff Factory Strawberry and Cream 

A new addition to the every sweet dessert menu by Cream Puff Factory, strawberry and cream. This Tasty E-Liquid features a vibrant fruity blend of strawberries compliments by the Cream Puff Factorys signature cream filled fluffy pastry base. reminiscent of the beloved Profiterole by the more sweet toothed vapers, who enjoy the sweet vet smooth varieties brought to you by Cream Puff Factory.