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cuttwood eliquid logo

Cuttwood E-Liquids

Based in Los Angeles California, Cuttwood e-liquids (also known as the boss of liquids) are one of the best e-liquids available in the world. Despite the funky rustic logo and packaging that suggests each bottle was made by a cowboy in a midwest bar, Cuttwood E-liquids are renown for their product research and development. To ensure each and every bottle is of the best vaping quality, only the highest grade ingredients are used.

Already a household name in the vaping homes of America, sponsoring music and racing events Cuttwood e-liquids have now made their way to the UK for us to enjoy.

Cuttwood Sauce Flavours

As the name of each flavour suggests, Cuttwood do not produce your standard run of the mill e-liquids. Not content creating your average fruit flavoured e-liquids, Cuttwood have gone a step further in bringing their customers flavours such as ‘Livid Lime’ and ‘Mega Melons’, flavours that contain a cocktail of tropical fruits and are a delight to vape.

As with most high quality e-liquids, Cuttwood bottles are available in both 3mg and 6mg depending on your preference. If your happy to vape standard boring e-liquids then Cuttwood probably isn’t for you. However if you prefer exciting e-liquids with beautiful blends and serious flavour then Cuttwood should be your next e-liquid of choice.

Cuttwood Sauce

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