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Dinner Lady E-liquids

One off the latest additions to Ace Vapes is the UK based range of e-liquids from Dinner Lady. True to their origins, the Dinner Lady range of liquids are traditionally English. Choose from nostalgic flavours including Rice Pudding, Lemon Tart and Strawberry Custard.

Dinner Lady

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About Dinner Lady E-Liquids

The small but delicious range of e-liquids come in packs of 3 and are available in both 3mg and 6 mg. While other eliquid brands have been in a hurry to release as many different flavours as possible, Dinner Lady have focused on developing a handful of premium flavours that really deliver exceptional taste and great clouds.

The traditional looking packaging and colours of the brand only adds to the nostalgic feel of the flavours you enjoy when vaping Dinner Lady eliquids. While vaping these great flavours you’ll be sure to start reminiscing about your grandma’s tasty rice pudding or your great Aunty’s yummy lemon tarts.

Using only the purest and best ingredients Dinner Lady have become extremely popular in a relatively short space of time. Favoured by both new and established vapers, Dinner Lady liquids have gone to pick up numerous industry awards including Best Stand at the Birmingham Vader Expo.

If you haven’t already tried Dinner Lady e-liquids then you are in for a real treat!