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The Milkman Eliquids

The Milkman E-liquids

The Milkman e-liquids are delivering more than just your milk this morning! Being one of the best e-liquid brands in the world, The Milkman delivers an array of well-balanced and sensational e-Liquid flavours right to your front door and straight to your taste buds. containing various nicotine levels per volume, such as 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, the milkman will have the product to quench your vaping thirsts.

These e-liquids aren’t just to go with your morning breakfast cereal, The Milkman provides a vaping experience worthy of being an all day vape. The Milkman e-liquids start by taking a warm, toasted fruit tart, put on a blender with a delicious scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and of course a splash of the freshest milk, delivering sensational e-liquids that are udderly satisfying.

All the Milkman e-liquid flavours are undeniably exceptional, simple yet in-keeping with there signature rich creamy flavours, resulting in a wide range of the best e-liquids on the market in the UK today.

The Milkman

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The Milkman E-Liquid Flavours

A relatively new e-liquid brand in the world of vaping, The Lemonade House have chosen the niche of lemonade (suprisingly) to focus their flavours around. While only four different flavours have been released so far, we can't find out see whats waiting around the corner from this new exciting brand. 


The Milkman Churrios

With the main ingredients being churros, cinnamon and milk this new flavour delivered by the milkman will not disappoint. with a delicious taste of crisp churros fried to perfection then sprinkled with cinnamon then dunked in fresh honey milk making this widely popular e-liquid so sweet and smooth.


The Milkman Pudding

Popular amongst the sweet toothed vapers, this Milkman e-liquid by far the most dessert based flavour in the Milkmans range if not the whole e-liquid market. Containing the Milkman flavour blend, along with vanilla bean and sweet lemon, this milkman e-liquid is guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth.


The Milkman Crumbleberry

The Milkmans new E-liquid Crumbleberry is once again garranteed to satify your sweet tooth. With a traditional mix of  of fresh raspberry paired with pie cream and crumbled crust this Milkman E-liquid offers a delicious and decadent dessert like vaping experience. Being the 5th release from The Milkmans array of premium flavours, would you expect any less from the pioneer of dessert E-liquids?


The Milkman Moonies

Layered with the richest of chocolate and intertwined with a fluffy marshmellow filling this buttery vanilla cake E-liquid is another decadant treat mixed together by The Milkman. This all day dessert Milkman E-liquid is infused with serious flavour for all you dessert loving vapers out there!


The Milkman Strudelhaus

This Milkman E-liquid delivers a highly satisfying pastry experience, providing a warm, taosty strudel full loaded cream and mouth watering blueberries and a slight kick of sugar just to top it off. Indulge your taste buds in the creamy sweet blueberry taste of the latest dessert from The Milkman E-liquid.