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Smok have been engineering and manufacturing high quality vaping devices since 2010. Since then Smok have established themselves as the leaders in the world of vaping by developing some of the most advanced and reliable coils on the market today.

With a well established and easily recognisable name, Smok are the go to brand for replacement coils. Coming in packs of three to five, Smok prioritise maximum connivence when it comes to your vaping needs. Seasoned vapers will know a poor quality of coil can change your whole vaping experience, that is why we stock a wide range of quality Smok products such as these coils so that vapers are never with out, and ensuring a high standard of vape every draw.

Here at Ace Vapes we stock a range of Smok coils including Baby Beast coils, Cloud Beast coils, Prince coils and many more. There isn't a Smok coil we don't have. If you would like any help choosing the correct coil for your device then feel free to contact one of our friendly and knowledgable members of staff for advice.

Smok Coils

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Smok Coils

Smok manufacture and provide their customers with some of the best made coils on the vaping market. They deliver one of the very best vaping experiences around, allowing you to enjoy the full flavour of your favourite e-liquids. To ensure that you get the best out of your Smok coil watch the below video to find out how to install your coil in your Smok tank correctly. Make sure to add e-liquid to your wick prior to installing your coil. Once you have installed your Smok coil, remember to wait a few minutes before vaping to allow the wick to fully absorb the e-liquid in your tank. This will prevent your wick from burning when you first start vaping.

How Long Do Smok Coils Last?

This question ultimately depends on how much you vape. But for the average vaper, you can expect your Smok coil to last between 7-10 days. Other aspects such as the type of e-liquid you vape, its VG and PG percentages and the temperature that you vape at will also effect the lifespan of your coil.

How To Make Your Smok Coils Last Longer?

There are a few practices that will help increase the lifespan of your coil and reduce the risk of burning your wick. 

  • Install your coil correctly, ensuring the wick has absorbed your e-liquid and you wait a few minutes before starting to vape.


  • Don’t vape at a too high a wattage. Each Smok coil has a recommended wattage that will be written either on the box of coils or engraved on the coil itself, be sure to stay within this range to reduce the likelihood of burning your coil.


  • Always keep your tank topped up with e-liquid. This will prevent your coils wick from running dry and burning out.


  • Don’t over vape. Wait a few seconds between each time you press your vape button. This will provide your coil with the chance to absorb more e-liquid and provide you with a better and more flavoursome vaping experience.