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Vape Tanks UK

Your vape Tank sometimes called a clearomizer is a vital piece of vaping equipment. Tanks screw onto your mod and are where the eliquid is stored, within the tank is the coil which vaporizes the liquid. There is a huge range of tanks available from many brands with each offering different features and capabilities. Some tanks specialise in flavour or vapour production, some in ease of use. At Ace Vapes we keep a large selection of tanks from the major brands in stock. Whether you are a beginner or a pro we have a tank to suit you.

The tanks we sell will accommodate vaping devices from the basic ego setups through to the more advanced sub ohm and temperature control systems.


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More about Vape Tanks and Clearomizers

Vape tanks can range in their complexity. Basic vape tanks will solely act as a container for the e-liquid where the vapour is produced. More advanced vape tanks such as the SMOK Helmet Tank have adjustable settings, allowing the user to control the airflow simply by rotating the top cap.

All of the vape tanks available from Ace Vapes are manufactured to the highest quality. We pride ourselves on only stocking the very best brands to ensure that you have the perfect vaping experience. Unlike many other poorly built vape kits and vape tanks, our equipment it manufactured to provide a premium and long term vaping experience. All of our vape tanks are leak proof and manufactured to TPD regulations.