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Vape Mods

In the world of vaping products anything that supplies power to your tank and coil to produce vapour is known as a mod. Mods power vaping so first and foremost contain an integrated or removable battery that is rechargable. Modern vaping mods offer a safe user experience thanks to their control chips and include numerous safety features which provide complete protection against mishaps. Nearly all mods in existence now use the universal 510 fitting so any tanks on the market will fit it perfectly.

Mods come in all shapes and sizes with features and functions to suit all levels of user. Depending on the sophistication of the mod they may also include more advanced features that greatly enhance your vaping experience. The most basic mods are more or less a battery with a fire key, The next level of devices feature variable voltage/wattage systems that let you adjust the power (so long as your coil is suitable) and finally ending up at our high end, temperature controlled mods. which allow you to maintain a constant temperature in the coil for a smooth consistent hit. Temperature control devices are best suited to those who want to move up into the more advanced side of vaping.

Vape Mods

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